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Google conference rooms come amply supplied with two ceiling-mounted projectors in sound-dampening cases for your projecting needs. In each room, look for a colorful dot under each cowling, then look on the wall. If the projector is off, hit the topmost button and wait 20 seconds or so for video syncing. If you still have no picture, and you've checked your laptop settings, then hit the 'source' button and ensure that it is pulling the signal from the plug.

Plugs for the projector and power plugs for most Mac or IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad laptops can be found under the panels on the tables. They lift up and are quite tidy as they hide the cables that are not in use. Attached by velcro are dvi-vga connectors.

The projectors are happiest with laptops at 1024*768 @ 60Hz resolution setting.

If your laptop requires a special adapter for video (i.e. a MacBook), please remember to bring it with you. There may be a few spares available on site, or you might be able to borrow from a fellow camper, but better safe than sorry.

If you have a problem with the projectors or have other needs please snag a camp counselor for help and assistance.

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