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Thanks, everyone, for such a challenging, stimulating, engaging, exciting and downright fun weekend. But now to business. Larry challenged us to 'have fun, but change the world'. I'd like to see if we can get on with that. For me, I'd like engagement on Climate Change. We have establsihed a schools engagement programme to educate and empower, with the aim of producing rapid, meaningful, measurable and sustained reductions in GHG emissions. Plenty of high-end partners aboard.. BUT we need: a. Worldwide partners who might want to 'clone' abroad b. Csoence writers ans educators c. People whio can build and manage a real state of the art website d. Those involved in Smart Meter technologies anc carbon monitors/ calculators, so that we can readily meaure improvements- to encourage and enthuse yet further. So.. if that's you... I'm all ears... Hugh, on Best and thanks to all, again.

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