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Google has reserved rooms for Sci Foo Campers at the Wild Palms Hotel in nearby Sunnyvale, CA. It's a medium-sized boutique hotel, with an outdoor pool, patio, and bar.

You must reserve through the website--not by phone. Reserve here.

Google is covering room charges for Friday and Saturday nights. All incidentals (telephone, minibar charges, etc.) and any additional nights will be at your expense. Check-in time is 3:00pm and check-out time is 1:00pm. When you book your room online, charges for Friday and Saturday will show in your reservation. Just ignore that, it's a quirk of the reservation system. The Friday and Saturday night room charges will be paid by Google.

Wild Palms Hotel, 910 East Fremont Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Phone: (408) 738-0500

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