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Suggestions for fun in the wee hours (add +1 if you're interested). We can stay at the Googleplex 'til midnight, and continue at the Wild Palms after that.

Sci Foo Haikus

Can be group composed at night, or prepared throughout the event at read at night for fun. Engage both your left AND right brain.

All contributions welcomed!

Economics comedy

(Note: I posted this in the main session ideas area too... not sure were it belongs.)

I'd be happy to perform some economics comedy if desired. My show includes a bit on climate change and carbon pricing so we can have a serious conversation too. I'd love to talk about how to push this in the real world; I confess to being keen on ballot measures :)

And of course if there are others who want to do some stand-up we can make it an open-mic night :)

Yoram Bauman

ZomBee Hunt

I propose an evening ZomBee Hunt— a fieldtrip to the Google beehives (AKA Hiveplex) to search for honey bees parasitized by the zombie fly Apocephalus borealis; set-up light traps to lure in fly-parasitzed ZomBees and other nocturnal creatures; chat about threats to honey bees and other pollinators, ways parasites manipulate hosts, citizen science and getting the public involved in science. Perhaps we could also share a bottle of wine and toast the spirits of the night. This could link with the proposed sessions on citizen science, public participation in science, communicating science, neurobiology of behavior, etc. (John Hafernik;,

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