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Let your fellow Campers know if you need a ride or would like to carpool from SFO, SJO, OAK, Bay Area locations, or anywhere else. Please provide your name and contact info plus desired pickup location and time. Keep an eye on Rides Offered.

Arriving SFO Friday Aug 3 at 1:40pm (on Virgin America #753 from Seattle)

Planning to take public transport, happy to take a ride or join up with others on BART. Yoram Bauman mobile 206-351-5719.

Ditto. I'll be traveling from Berkeley to Wild Palms Hotel by BART on Friday 3rd, departing about 1pm. Jonathan Silvertown j.silvertown@open.ac.uk

Hi Yoram & Jonathan-- I get into SFO at 1:26pm on Delta 1765. I'm also planning to take BART, but if we end up at the BART station at roughly the same time, we could share a cab to Wild Palms (rather than take the bus the rest of the way). Lucianne Walkowicz, l.m.walkowicz@gmail.com

Hi, Lucianne, that sounds like a good idea. Shall we meet at 2pm at SFO, Terminal 1? (That seems to be where your Delta flight gets in). If there is a meeting point, lets meet there. If not, then there will be an information kiosk I should think. This is me.

Sure thing-- I'd imagine there's an info kiosk in the bag claim. This is me , or email me as above.

Right, lets meet at SFO, take the train and then take a taxi from the Palo Alto Caltrain station, thus shaving off a 45 minute bus ride. Anyone who wants to join us, add you name here. Jonathan Stop Press -this plan abandoned as there are quicker routes

I vote for meeting at 2pm-ish near the entrance to the BART station, that way it will be easy to do Plan B if we don't meet up. This is me. (Also I'm 6'5".) I probably won't be on email, but my cell is 206-351-5719. Yoram.

Hello all, I'm landing at 2:12 in SFO (assuming all goes well) and would love to join the caravan. If that's too late and you want to get rolling sooner, do let me know any optimized routes you've found, thanks. I found a ride, thanks. Brooks Peck pantsb4shoes@gmail.com

ride offered from SFO @ Friday c. 2:30pm , should have room for 3 passengers. gary.marcus@nyu.edu.

Need ride from SF to Wild Palms Hotel on Friday leaving anytime from 3 to 7pm

Hi SCIFOOers - On Friday I'm talking at Device Design Day at SF Art Institute in North Beach - I'm looking for a ride coming from the city to the Wild Palms Hotel leaving anytime from 3 to 6. Please email me at tanya@eyetanya.com or twitter @tanyavlach if you might be able to squeeze me in - help with gas, snacks, or tunes available. Thanks! ~tanya (http://eyetanya.com)

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